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400 Ton 12 Meters Pipe Bending Machine Tandem Press Brake For Pipe Making

we are glad to inform that both machines are operating very well

—— Seccional In Brazil

Stacy, my good friend, it is happy to inform you we rectified the problem as your valuable information. you are really good friend,help me always

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400 Ton 12 Meters Pipe Bending Machine Tandem Press Brake For Pipe Making

400 Ton 12 Meters Pipe Bending Machine Tandem Press Brake For Pipe Making
400 Ton 12 Meters Pipe Bending Machine Tandem Press Brake For Pipe Making 400 Ton 12 Meters Pipe Bending Machine Tandem Press Brake For Pipe Making 400 Ton 12 Meters Pipe Bending Machine Tandem Press Brake For Pipe Making 400 Ton 12 Meters Pipe Bending Machine Tandem Press Brake For Pipe Making

Hình ảnh lớn :  400 Ton 12 Meters Pipe Bending Machine Tandem Press Brake For Pipe Making

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:
Place of Origin: China-Wuxi Jinqiu Machinery Co.,ltd
Hàng hiệu: Jinqiu
Chứng nhận: CE and CQC
Model Number: 2-WE67K-400/-7000
Thanh toán:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Giá bán: USD or RMB
Packaging Details: metal steel frame
Delivery Time: 90 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 150 pcs per month
Chi tiết sản phẩm
Sức ép: 400 tấn Chiều dài làm việc: 7000mm
Điểm nổi bật:

máy uốn ống vuông


máy uốn cnc


máy uốn ống 400 tấn

12 meters Pipe making line--- tandem press brake for pipe forming 
400 Ton 12 Meters Pipe Bending Machine Tandem Press Brake For Pipe Making 0

The customers use it for big diameter and thicker pipe, adopt special circle tooling to bend the steel plate, after bending, it can form a pipe or tube, necessary for pipe making. These machines are widly used in petroleum chemical equipment pipe ,gas reserve facilities maintenance pipe; municipal engineering pipe; electrical instrumentation and automation engineering tube; fire protection engineering tube; anti-corrosion insulation engineering pipe; environmental engineering tube; pressure vessel pipe, pipeline maintenance tube; cleaning service pipe; petroleum chemical industry.



Model: 2-WE67K-400/7000
Press brake machine features :
Norminal force: 400 ton
Table length: 7000mm
Two Housing distance: 5600mm
Throat Depth: 720mm/ or according to customer requirment
Ram Stroke: 320mm
Ram Speed:60/7/60mm/s
Max Open Height: 830 mm
Main Motor power: 30 Kw
Controller System:

1. Holland Brand Netherland Brand: Delem DA 52 2+1 axis: Y1,Y2+ worktable crowning system
2. Netherland Brand: Delem DA52 3+1 axis: Y1,Y2, X + worktable crowning system
3. Nether land Brand: Delem DA65W 4+1 axis: Y1,Y2,X,R+ worktable crowning system
Volume of oil tank: 2x1400L
Machine Weight: 46000 kgs
Machine Dimensions: L 7150 mm
W 3560 mm
H 5900 mm

Production Introduction:
1. We use Electro-hydraulic servo system, closed loop control system controls precision

2. The unique patented technology:bilateral deflection compensation of the large press brake
3. Open width adjustable inserts die to meet a variety of workpieces
4. A variety of auxiliary institutions could meet user's requirements and make the process more convenient and efficient

5. Y1,Y2 Axis------Two raster displays installed at both sides of ram to control cylinders.

Machine Main Performance :

1 .The frame of machine is composed of tank, worktable, left and right housings and ram. So it has high strength and good rigidity. Also it takes vibration to eliminate stress.

2. Synchronization working principal of both machines:Adopting electric-hydraulic proportional valve to ensure the synchronization of both machines. The proportional valve is made by BOSCH company with very good performance such as small friction between mechanic action pairs, fine electronic amplifier and electric magnet with high controlling force and continuous action. There are two raster displayers on both sides of machine to inspect the position of ram continuously and feed back the signal to control system, then the control system will control electric-hydraulic valve to make two cylinders synchronization on one machine. Because the raster displayers are installed to “C” plates, not on housing plates directly, the deflection of ram and frame when working will not effect its measuring and controlling precision. When two machines working together, the differential potentiometer installed between two machines will transfer the mechanic synchronizing signal into electronic one and feed back to synchronization plate and control system. The signal will be enlarged by BOSCH amplifier to control the synchronization of both machines by controlling electric-hydraulic proportional valve. So the synchronization of two machines is achieved with high precision.

3 Through computer,the operator could communicate with machine. The computer has several service language, calculate and adjust the bending force automatically. Also it could calculate and control the dead point, speed changing point.The strokes (Y1, Y2) of ram could make a small tilt to meet the special requirement of user.

4. Equipped with good guiding system, position measuring system and hydraulic balance system to meet the requirements of full length job and eccentric job.

5. Worktable compensation unit is adopted to make up for deflection of machine when working to make sure the precision of work piece.

6 .The surface of cylinder has good wearing and heat treatment, so it has good lubrication and long service life.

Quick Details:
Condition: New
Material/ Metal Processed: Carbon Steel
Extra Service: Machining
Electric componets: Schneider famous brand
Other parts: Ball screw, servo motor....
Place of Origin: Wuxi city, Jiangsu, China,
Machine Type: Press Brake
Power: Hydraulic
Color: white, blue, yellow....
Control syste: E21, DA41, DA52, DA66T....
Usage range: Bending metal sheet.

Pipe making process:


1. Breach machine

What kind of breach machine we need is according to the quality of custom’s product making. Finally we can recommend an economic and useful one to suit you well then. What you see below picture is about breaches for two sides for good next welding.


2. pre-bending machine

We need to get working piece pre-bend at two ends of plate as the following picture for making a good pipe. Obviously there are two ways to make it. One is pre-bending machine and the other is press bake machine itself, but we don’t recommend the last way for the big work piece for long time use. Because of big work piece and big lateral force, it’s obviously easily to damage the machine.

For example, The following pipe finally made you see is without pre-bending. I don’t think it is the right pipe you want. So pre-bending is important to the pipe and what kind of machine is used for pre-bending is important as well. It does have relationships to pre-bending quality, work efficiency and so on.

400 Ton 12 Meters Pipe Bending Machine Tandem Press Brake For Pipe Making 1

3. CNC press brake machine

We need a press brake machine to finish this kind of pipe. Of course, besides round-shape pipe, it also can make polygon pipe and bend for any other angles as well. Obviously we will make this pipe with many bending times. The size of seam is according to the thickness of upper tooling holder. Thinner of upper tooling holder and smaller seam.


4. Automatic Closing and Welding Machine

We need this kind of machine to get seam close and welding. See as following picture.

Gas shielded arc welding is at the bottom of outside seam first to prevent seam opening. We don’t need to remove it any more. Because it is different from submerged welding, no Submerged arc welding flux drops.


5. Pipe inside Welding Machine


We need this kind of machine to weld the seam with Submerged welding inside pipe. The machine is consist of welding trolley, welding system, mechanic device, welding grounding device, inside welding monitor system, welding flux feeding and recycle device, and control system. Adopt trolley to move pipe, the welding gun fixed type.

Finally it would be like following picture after Pipe inside Welding Machine.


6. Pipe outside Welding Machine


We need this kind of machine to finish pipe outside welding as following picture.


7. Steel Pipe Straighten and Round straightening combined Machine


This kind of machine is used to make the steel pipe straight and round completely.



Regarding all kinds of machine details you have to contact Stacy who is an expert on making a pipe. She has already offered many successful solutions for different customers for different pipe.


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